PMD: Paths To Requiem

Comic 1 - Prolouge P1

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in Prolouge

Oct 8, 2021
You wake up...but you have a cold feeling in your stomach....what happened? After a brief stuggle you finally awaken but in a strange place. As you begin to ponder your whereabouts a voice calls to you....

My first CYOA as well as comic hope you'll enjoy



Looks very interesting! I'm excited.

Oct 8, 2021 edit delete reply

Oooh! :0 This looks super cool so far! I’m excited to see where this goes ^^

Oct 8, 2021 edit delete reply

Ooh, this is creative! Really like this so far! :0

Oct 8, 2021 edit delete reply

So excited to see where you go with this, bud!! :D

Oct 9, 2021 edit delete reply

oh my this sounds scary!!!

Nov 8, 2021 edit delete reply

noice five stars

Mar 5, 2023 edit delete reply

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