PMD: Paths To Requiem

Artist Collab Call

Oct 26, 2021

This will take a large amount of time and nerves off my chest so I'mma put this out there. If it was clear before this isn't just a text blog. This is a video blog consisting of art I commission or got from a friend, now I know I can't rely on my artist friends to just draw for me all the time for free and I don't want to ask random people if their commissions are open sooooo. If you'd like to help me with the art for this blog contact me. This could be a commission or if you just want to help the blog progress doesn't matter to me though I'd prefer if it was a commission

If possible I'd like to have everyone who wants to help join the discord I have for the blog so if you have discord add me



Posted by: LlndeaTheUnspokenHero