PMD: Paths To Requiem

A Quick Announcement

Feb 18, 2023

Haven't been updating you guys as I should soooo *inhale*

First things first: The comic is still ongoing, it's not gonna stop anytime soon. It was just on pause because I was out of work and as you all probably know by now, this is a comic that utilizes commissioned artwork, and commissions cost money.

This leads me to the next topic: Now that I'm back to working the comic will be starting up again, I already have most of the necessary pieces for the next update and will be editing the vid together soon.

Lastly and more importantly: I am sadly one guy. I have no team helping me edit or find artists for the commission, so sometimes updates may take longer to produce. First I wanna thank everyone who stuck around for my dumb idea, I know not everyone wants to follow an inactive blog.

Secondly, I ask everyone here to help find artists and get the funds to commission them. If you are/know an artist that does commission work feel free to link em here. I opened up a Ko-Fi for people to donate to the cause. Not only can you contribute to see the art I commissioned before I post it on the discord server there's also an option for a particular tier for $3 a month that gives you access to special member-only events, QnAs, and much more. You can share the link as well if you can't donate that helps just as much as it gives more exposure to the project and will help me, the commission artist, much faster

PS. Im still hosting a 100 Follower Giveaway

Posted by: LlndeaTheUnspokenHero