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Comic 2 - Prolouge P2

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Oct 10, 2021
You've come to find out that the place your in is called The Hub and you're destined for some great quest but before you are sent on said question the mysterious voice asks for your name

This would be the part where I say voting is now open but I already made the decision on the name, but if you want to have a chance in other voting opportunities join the discord server! That's where the important choices will be made. Also sorry if the gif is a bit small this was the only way I could get it to the required file size 😅 if anyone is will to help me find a way to preserve the size and still keep the file size limit that'll be great



used ezgif's gif optimizer:
(only read below if comicfury forces you to use gif)
color reduction -> 30 colors reduced it from 813.44KiB to 521.78KiB (-35.86%) with no noticeable difference in quality
you might want to check their frame viewer too, a SIGNIFICANT amount of your GIF is spent on near-duplicate frames for time padding, where you could just add a longer delay instead.
When I started this (before viewing the frames) I assumed the transitions were the worst, but some of your text goes on for 6 frames with no transition or change besides the background slightly moving. Removing a bit of that would help significantly reduce the size as well.

Also tried converting from gif to webp on the same site w/mixed compression, reduced it to 204.74KiB (-74.83%). If comicfury allows webp, you should use that instead of a gif.

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also, if comicfury allows you to change the design of your site, maybe create a custom CSS stylesheet that loads along with everything else and scales imgs with a specific class to a specific size, so that even if you have to use a small image you can scale it up

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I'll try it but ComicFury doesn't allow video only pictures and gifs which is why I chose to turn the video to a gif

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