PMD: Paths To Requiem

Comic 3 - Prologue Final

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Oct 19, 2021
Foxglove....the name you've had your entire life, how could you forget. Now that the voice knows your name it sends you off into a new world, not before mentioning something about choices and how they would affect your adventure. Before you get a chance to ask however everything goes dark and you go back to that cold empty feeling

Thanks to NobleJanobii for showing me how to add videos to ComicFury! Now I can just add the videos I make to the comic page instead of converting them into GIFs! And a reminder that this is a Tumblr ask blog so if you want to send some asks make sure to follow as the next update will have them open, also if you want to contribute to the story and participate in some cool activities join the Discord server as well!


Good luck, Foxglove XD

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