PMD: Paths To Requiem

Comic 8 - Ask 3

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in Chapter 1: Path To Adventure

May 14, 2023
Thanks to SalDoesArt, SleepySiren, DeerbuttDoodles (Tumblr Blog), Danidonie, and Dreamiecherub for the new art used!

And thanks to the folks down at the AdventureSquadHarmony Tumblr blog for Minal's ref that I won in one of their raffles!
Tumblr Blog

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This video format is cool.

May 14, 2023 edit delete reply

Thanks! Figured since I can't draw full fledged scenes. yet I'd commission art and editing together! That why I can also give back to the artists of the community

May 14, 2023 edit delete reply

Ok that's wholesome of you!!

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